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Our Team

Louise Taylor


Louise volunteered at a number of small rescue centres, working with dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents, as well as volunteering at a safari park where she worked with penguins, lemurs and squirrel monkeys.

To further her knowledge and interest in animals, she gained a Bachelor of Science (with Honors) in Animal Behaviour at the University of Chester in 2008. She currently works part time as a canine behaviourist at a large dog rescue centre in South London where she see dogs of all backgrounds, exhibiting a range of behaviours.

Louise became a fully qualified Puppy School tutor in 2010 (www.puppyschool.co.uk). Her classes are fun and relaxed, and the puppies really look forward to the next week of learning.

Her current pets are three dogs, Travis, Ripley and Peppa, two cats named Totti and Pickle and rabbit Tayto She regularly fosters dogs and kittens from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and particularly enjoys hand-rearing newborn puppies.

Louise is a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor, a registered Animal Training Instructor with The Animal Behaviour and Training Council and a Raw Advisor with Natures Menu.google-site-verification: google871e05f71027e61e.html

Adele Tuttlebee


Adele has spent many years working with rescue dogs. She has a BSc in Animal Science (Behaviour and Welfare) and is working towards a MSc in International Animal Welfare.

Adele runs our Streatham Puppy School and Superdog classes and also offers 121 training sessions in South London.

Beth Kidd


Beth started with us in 2018. She has an MSc in Animal Behaviour from the University of Exeter and has trained many dogs in rescue centres and puppy classes throughout her career. Beth has a particular love of training dogs useful skills via games so they're both having fun and learning at the same time.

Beth offers 121 training sessions in the South London / Croydon area. 

Neal Otter

Puppy School Associate Tutor

Neal joined the team in 2017. He grew up with German Shorthaired Pointers and worked with St. Bernards in Switzerland. He has a particular soft spot for pugs and currently helps out in our classes. Neal is a qualified Puppy School Associate Tutor and will be starting Saturday morning Puppy School classes in Sutton Green in January 2019.

Naomi Alesworth

Volunteer Assistant

Naomi helps out at our Puppy School classes. She also volunteers at a large dog rescue centre in South London and does dog walking and boarding. She is doing courses on dog behaviour and training. She loves helping dogs gain confidence, particularly through tricks and fun agility training. Naomi is interested in working with rescue dogs, puppies, and hopes to one day become a Puppy School Tutor, and a qualified dog trainer.